Monday, August 29, 2005

Ok loyal fans, and everybodeee. It seems as though I've made it back to the US in one piece after a good long 3 weeks in China. China was good, though it could have been better, what with the super-shits I had and all. It's just not as easy to enjoy a place if you're paranoid about the food and always looking for a bathroom. I understand why Alf likes it; there is cheap food always available on the streets, any time of day or night, there are plenty of girls who would just love to have a foreign boyfriend, and the cost of living is low enough for him to skip work for months at a time. Oh yeah, you can also get a pint and a half of beer for 25 cents.

I'll be posting pictures of the rampage acros Middle Kingdom sometime soon, I'm going to put together an AWESOME slide show for all 10 of my readers. Incidentally, the name of my blog is rather outdated, so any ideas for a new one would be much appreciated.