Monday, March 11, 2013

Back on the horse, a little.

This past weekend I did 2 good bike rides in a row.   That's a first in over a year.  Saturday I hung on for the entirety of the ever-crazy, ever-dumb, Saturday Morning World Championships called Vino-Velo .  The basic idea is that you and about 20 of the fastest people who aren't actually racing bikes, but who think they are, get together and ride a set course through the suburbs of Philadelphia.  There are sprints, traffic lights, stop signs, hills etc.  I have avoided it primarily because it's a great example of why drivers hate bike riders here, but it is awfully fun to go fast with other people on bikes.  My knee/hip/leg pain was manageable for the whole ride but I was pretty sore later in the day.  I imagine that's the expected effect of not riding hard for 14 months.

Sunday Jennifer and I went out for a  nice ride through the hills to the northwest of the city on Sunday.  Happily, I wasn't suffering too bad from the ride on Saturday and Jennifer took it easy on me.  She does love to attack up the short hills though.  I'm sure that if it weren't for the whole fear of crashing thing, she'd make a good bike racer.  Now, hopefully the trend keeps up since spring is here.