Sunday, September 27, 2009

Interbike was a smashing, if whirlwind success. My goal was to see as much bicycle stuff as possible in two days, and I succeeded, though it would have been much better in 3 days. I took the midnight express out to Las Vegas with Peter, TJ and Andrew from Trophy. It was an uneventful flight, I read Rugyard Kipling's "Kim" for much of the journey outward and we ended up in the Imperial Palace: the same dungeon of a hotel that my dad and I stayed at last year. Day two, Tuesday we headed out to the Dirt Demo where we checked out a wide variety of bikes for the dirt and road. I got a chance to pick the brains of my betters at Parlee and Edge Composites, whose wares I had previously either used, or coveted from afar. Good results. Day two involved a massive Interbike extravaganza as we tried to absorb as much bike knowledge as possible in a single day, well at least I did. I was taking the red eyed back to the east coast over night on Wednesday and couldn't miss even a single minute of my bicycle induced euphoria at the show. I was able to sleuth out some of the nagging questions of fit and finish at the show. I want to make more bicycles, but want to figure out how best to do it to keep up with current trends. I have an odd need to be avant guard for a guy who makes bikes out of bamboo.

Then I came back. Thursday was mostly a blur, though I did manage to finally put stamps on the newsletter that I've been working on at the Clean Air Council. It's hard working on a project 2 days a week and trying to get stuff produced in a timely matter. Finally though I've been able to print out some of the Cobbs Creek Trail Project newsletter and sent it out. I've forgotten what a trying process editing and critiquing can be. My main problem in this next week is going to be trying to focus on CAC work versus my bike stuff. I have this inherent love of bikes, that when excited, can take over everything else. I need to be a good worker in all aspects of my 2 jobs to count on continuing on with both of them. Ugh. Life gets more complex by the momemt. Also, TJ from the bike shop wants to start his own bike company. I don't know how it would work itself out, but it does sound appealing to make the decisions that these guys a the big brands are making. I want to be able to travel to the Taiwanese factories where 98 percent of all of the bike business is conducted!

Thursday, September 17, 2009

Woo Hoo!
I got tickets to Interbike next week! I went last year for the first time, and it was an extravoganza of all things bike. Jennifer calls it Bike Porn, but really, it's more like love. Also, I got the carbon layup all done on the latest bamboo creation, and it's looking GOOD!! There are some new pictures up on the Daruma Cycles Blog. Check them out.

Thursday, September 03, 2009

Excellent post in Cyclingnews by David Millar, who despite being a former doper, is one of my favorite pro cyclists. It is a perfect description of crashing in a bicycle race. Thankfully I have been supremely lucky in racing and, though I may jinx it here, have only been in 3 crashes in the past 3 years, only one of which was in a race. I've got two road races left for the year, so hopefully things will continue to go my way.