Tuesday, November 24, 2009

It's confirmed. All is not as it was assumed to be in our neighborhood. For three years now we've known our neighbors by their nicknames, and now those names are ruined. I'll explain...

Next door to us are an elderly Cambodian couple, Old Guy and his wife Smiley. Old guy is named as he is primarily because he's old. Smiley, well she almost always has a scowl on her face as she shuffles down the block. Next to them is another Cambodian family that we have known for years as "Young Mama's Family". From youngest to oldest are Brandon (3) Nana (6) Jordan (10) and Jackie (13). There were also Young Mama, Young Mama's Husband, Young Mama's Mama and Young Mama's Dad. They all live in the house two doors down from us that is about as big as ours, maybe even slightly smaller. We've been calling them by these nicknames since we moved in, and it's waaaaaaaaaaay too late to go asking their names now. But there's a problem, and it all started when the guy we know as Young Mama's Husband bought a purple Chevy Impala. Jennifer asked Jackie who's car it was and responded that it was his brother's. Whaaaa? We had assumed that this guy who looked to be about 27 or so was his dad. Yeah, that would make him an extremely young parent, but that's not impossible right? Through some more sleuthing we have since determined that Young Mama is not the mama at all, but is the sister of all these younger kids. Now we're stuck without any names at all for the 4 adults in the house, since they were always based on Young Mama. We're going to have to go back to the drawing board with this one.

Monday, November 02, 2009


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This is probably my best repair to date. It was ridiculously lucky that I happened to have exactly the same color of touch up paint as the rest of his bike. But I'll take all the credit.

Was Busted

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Some jerk cut off my teammate Justin in a race, and then some other jerk ran into his bike. Lucky for Justin, he's got a teammate like me who fixes shit for fun.