Tuesday, December 01, 2015

The game is afoot

It's always agonizing to prepare a resume for a new job.  There is the uncertainty of what to highlight in one's career, the endless permutations of formatting and font and all the other BS that will help your name stand tall among the pile of others just like it, vying for the same job.  It's even more agonizing to prepare a resume for a job that you already have.  There is a sense of hurt that even though you've done your best, and had success, that they may not have need of your services in the next rodeo.

Well, I got over it.  It's only fair that a new mayor can put his or her stamp on their team.  Speculation is rife in the office and while I'm not particularly worried that they will find someone who knows how to run a bike share program better than me, I'm definitely worried that the new administration will break up our band.  MOTU has been such an awesome place to work, and my colleagues are great.  If only we could keep building on what we've got, I'd be happier.  As my old boss used to say, "Philadelphians embrace change, as long as it looks exactly like it did before you changed it."  I guess I'm becoming Philadelphian in that sense.