Tuesday, June 17, 2014


Over the past year, I've had increasingly frequent bouts of insomnia.  Here I am at 5:01 in the morning, 3 drinks in, waiting to feel the slightest bit sleepy.  I'm not sure if it's related to getting older, the stress of advancing in my career or what, but I do not care for it.  Specifically, I don't care to feel groggy and dumb the next day, and the apprehension that such a feeling provides me while I wile the hours away in bed is probably one of the things keeping me awake.

The standard symptoms of a poor night's sleep are a busy day at work, followed by a day off of bike training, followed by an aimless evening in which I attempt to get all of my million daily ideas accomplished, processed, or otherwise catalogued away for future reference.  Over the course of this interminable night (soon to be over, as the chirping sparrows indicate) I have contrived 3 different options for hoisting the sliding glass door of our new house to the top floor where it will be installed, some new plumbing theories about how best to install a half-shitter on the first floor of our house and about 5 different ways to construct carbon fiber cycling shoes for myself.   I have likewise replayed the 5 interviews for a new temporary bike share promoter position that we're offering in conjunction with the Pennsylvania Environmental Council.  So many good people, only a finite number of jobs!

Not a bad day's worth of thinking, but I wish like hell that it would occur during daylight hours and leave me in peace at night.  I've always said that I would prefer not to sleep if I didn't have to, well, in this case I may have been wrong.  Sleep would be just the thing right about now.  Perhaps the saving grace is that I finally took some time to read through one of my recent Economist magazines.  So smart, those guys.