Thursday, April 20, 2006

Damn folks, it's official. Jennifer and I (mainly Jennifer) bought a house the other day. We bought it on my birthday, in fact. We'll be moving to the mole hole sometime in June when everything finally closes. The place is a little two floor row house with a yard about the same size as my parents living room, but it's got cool hardwood floors, a kitchen big enough for two people to work in and it was the right price, cheap. The asking price was 89,000 dollars, and when all the fees and closing costs roll in, we'll have paid something like 92,000 for it. Considering that we were looking at crappier places for twice as much, it's really a bargain. The process of dreaming, revising, destructing and constructing will soon begin in earnest. My main backbreaker will be to see how feasable it'll be to dig the basement down 8 inches so that I can stand up. Let the labor begin.

If anyone with a strong back is thinking about visiting Philly this summer, let me know.

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