Wednesday, July 05, 2006

Le Tour is underway and the only bar in Philadelphia to show the coverage every day is 3 blocks from the new house. The South Philly Taproom will soon become my new hangout, assuming that I am able to spare the time to go. I was initially pissed off to hear that the doping scandals of Operacion Puerto would ban two of the main protagonists, Jan Ullrich and Ivan Basso, but now I am totally psyched! It's a tour for the next geration. Superstars like Lance squishing his competition have become kind of boring. I'm hoping that someone like Floyd Landis or Levi Leipheimer, or someone we've never heard of, hell even someone French will pull off some great riding and carry it in to Paris. In my free time I dream of Yellow Jerseys, in reality Jennifer and I have been working non-stop on the house where it's becoming a struggle to keep up the pace. However, due to our travails, we now have a shower that spurts water, though no sink or toilet in the upstairs bath. We're waiting to see if the leak in the ceiling has finally stopped or if I have to do some more patching. The front room is also drywalled, electrified and will soon be painted. We finally move out of the apartment on Saturday, which should be fun to the point of hilarity, and then we sleep on the stack of drywall until the flooring in the front bedroom is done.

Long live home repair!

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