Thursday, April 01, 2010

No foolin, I finally have myself a full time job!

The city of Philadelphia recently received an enormous stimulus grant to build up a comprehensive anti-obesity program, and as part of that they're looking to increase the number of people who take transit and walk to work in the city. The guy for that job is ME!

Oddly enough, I didn't even apply for this position, though I did send my resume in for some of the other positions that are opening up with this grant. It'll be a big change from my scattered existence here at the Clean Air Council and Trophy. I'll still try to work a couple weekend days at Trophy, just to keep myself in the good graces of my bike "habit" supplier. I'm pretty excited to be doing one single job rather than splitting my attention into a million little pieces, but I am also a bit nervous about settling into the new job. Growing up, no matter how delayed, is always a bit of a struggle.

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