Thursday, September 16, 2010

Surprising Ma

Since we knew that my mom would probably not get as much of a kick out of a bamboo bicycle as my dad, the other young Ritz's and I decided that a surprise convergence on Ames for her birthday would be the ideal plan. It was was a whirlwind weekend, over Labor Day so we had about 3 days to hang out and kick it family style.

Ian drove back from Madison, and picked up my brother Asa in Iowa City, and then they proceeded directly to Des Moines to pick me up at the airport. It was as seamless an operation as you can expect from my family, and we arrived together in Ames at about 9:30. Claire, who couldn't be there that night called my mom on the phone as Leah was poised with the camera. First Asa walked in to surprise Mom. "Oh, my God Asa!"

Then Ian walked in, "OH MY GOD IAN!!"

Then I walked in, "OH MY GOD AARON!!"

Great success, we surprised the crap out of her. Spent the rest of the weekend eating tasty food, Leah and I made our standard Indian dinner, I smoked a pork shoulder, and my sister's boyfriend DJ made a stupendous rolled pork loin with all the fixins.

Not only that, but Asa and I sprung for a new BB gun after I had the bright idea to "fix" my old one last Christmas. Many tomatoes were killed, much fun was had.

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