Monday, January 10, 2011

Family time

Before we headed back home, Aunt Karen, Uncle Denny and Denise and her flock stopped by to hang out for a bit. It always takes me a bit to remember all the kids names since I've only seen them on rare occasions and at holidays. Aunt Karen had unfortunately just come from the dentist where she'd had one of her teeth extracted. Not exactly the most fun way to start a week, but the novocaine hadn't worn off yet and she was hoping to see us before we headed out. We tried to roll out at about 1:00 to get back in time to see Leah off for her drive to Minnesota, but Grandma waylaid us by dragging out about 30 pounds of various foodstuffs including her unchanging chocoloate chip cookies, ranch oyster crackers, horseradish sauce and jars of jelly. She was still trying to lug all of that upstairs in one trip, hoisting the bag one step at a time when I stopped her and carried it up myself. She's probably lived so long from sheer feistyness.
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