Sunday, March 06, 2011

Christmas, come late

I should probably have done this sooner, but I wanted to post some of the cool goodies that came about from a handsome state of affairs at Christmas. Leah got me/us a mushroom kit: grow your own shitake mushrooms. Holy SHITake they are large, well precisely the one that we've got so far is enormous. I'm hoping that warm weather will bring in another couple of flushes of mushrooms.

My parents also got Jennifer and me a gift card, and a hefty one at that. I got myself a spanky new Skaagen watch to keep me on time (good luck, it'll take more than danish engineerding to make that go right)

Jennifer also got a super cool Mission Workshop bag, complete with organge aluminum buckle. Totally sweet, and totally necessary since her previous bag decided to blow out just before the holiday.

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