Friday, January 02, 2015

At home with the Asa-nator

So one thing that I am too old for is back to back all night travel.
We flew into Munich and arrived on a Sunday morning, and then, since Erfurt was another 4 hours away by train, we decided to just power through and take the longer, 7 hour overnight train Sunday night so that we could arrive in time to hang out with Asa and Erika on Monday morning. This would have been fine if we had started off well rested, but coming off of jet lag and a day spent wandering in the cold, not do good.
We got to Erfurt about 7 AM, which anyone who knows my brother can tell you is simply to early to drop by his place. It is also too early to expect to check into a hotel room, so we dropped our bags at the front desk and wandered back out into the still-dark morning. Erfurt is nice in the dark, but not if you are dead tired and cold. We found a backerei and waited until the sun peeked out about 9. When we finally got to their place, Asa had gotten some eggs and coffee together and we had an awesome breakfast and caught up, and then promptly crashed and fell asleep on their bed for a few hours.

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