Tuesday, June 06, 2006

It's been a long time since I've posted, mostly because I've been lazy, but also because life has been busy. I'm now working at a bike shop here in Philly, Trophy Bikes. THis has been a good move because I am able to get more hours than at EMS and also am having a lot more fun working there. Bikes are good. My main problem with the shop is that it is rediculously tiny, about a third of my dad's shop size and about a half of what Grand Performance had. The customer turnover is tremendous though, and we sell a preposterous number of folding bicycles. I guess it makes sense given the size of the store.

We've spent the past few weekends goofing off in preferation for the upcoming rennovate-athon when we take posession of our new house on FRIDAY JUNE 9TH!!! We do the walk through, check stuff out one last time, then head to the realtor's office and do the dirty deed. It's gonna be awesome not to be dealing with the whole real-estate sales aspect of it and to finally get into the place. It seems like we've been making plans on the house for ever and now we're finally going to be doing something about it. Friday night we'll just poke around in the house, and see how everything goes, then begin the smashing in earnest sometime saturday. The bathroom is the first to go, we'll chop and cut and such, expose the plumbing and try to figure out how to replace the leaky sewer stack, a barrel of laughs for sure. We've got the main goal of getting a workable bathroom by the time that we actually have to move in completely, July 1st. I'll certainly have to post more on the world of home-ownership this weekend. Wish us luck.

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