Sunday, September 10, 2006

My first week of classes is over. The first involuntary naps of my graduate career have been taken. Think about it though, if you were stuck in basement classrooms for 8 hours in a single day, wouldn't you doze off? Only one of my five classes is in a room with windows. The others tend to be located in subterranean vaults from the 70's. It's odd that the School of Design is located in one of the shittiest buildings on campus. Myerson hall is kind of like the Humanities building at macalester, but uglier and bigger. On the positive side, they do have bike parking in the basement. I would almost feel safe locking my nice bikes down there.

I've still gotta figure out how much time I'll really need to devote to study. I'm still planning on working some at the bike shop, but can't quite figure out how much to do. Jennifer and I have a fair amout to do on the house, I've got something like 10,000 pages to read this semester and a good number of tests thrown in there as well.

Anyway, less bitching, more working. That's how it should be right?

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