Sunday, October 08, 2006

The nice thing about bike races is that you can enter different classes and you actually have a chance to do well, not just time-wise as in running, but you could conceivably cross the line first. This is a picture of me (no joke, those are really leg muscles you see there, if you look hard enough) at the inaugural Hillbilly Hustle Cyclocross Race. Cyclocross, to those of you who do not know, is my new favorite discipline as it combines the sights of cross country running with smallish steeplechase barriers and is conducted on a bicycle. PERFECT! And, it just so happens, I'm not too shabby at it. By virtue of a modicum of training, naturally long inseam and having entered the lowest class available, I won my race and am now the proud owner of an extra water bottle and some spiffy blue socks. God I love the Fall (aside from my occasional aneurism-inducing studythons).

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