Monday, February 05, 2007

Ok, so the super awesome post is still coming, I was stupid-busy this weekend, but that's ok because I just got some great news! I'm going to be a STAR!!!

According to various studies, I'm a shoe-in for greatness for two key reasons: I'm tall, and I drink!
It's long been known that tall people earn more, on average than their shorter competitors, but get this, according to two Princeton economists, it's because I'm just smarter than you stumps. Another recent STATISTICAL study showed that those people who self-identified as drinkers could expect to earn ten to 14% more than those tee-totaling weirdos that I see hanging out in the library on Friday when I'm drinking my free (or at least, I've already paid for it) beer during Penn Design's Happy Hour. Plus, since I go to bars at least once a month, I can chalk up an additional seven percent on top of that earlier bonous.

What it totals up to is this, I'm gonna be RICH and I don't even have to try, just stand around in my tall-shoes and drink!

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