Thursday, February 01, 2007

Ooooh Yeah, the "Wintry Mix" is coming to get us!! I can't wait to ride around on my super-sweet studded snow tires!! They totally rock and with them, so do I!!!

In other news, economics is bullshit. It's like philosophy, but worse, because it pretends applicability. Take that, Soren Anderson!! Take that Adam Smith!! All I've got to say is that I'd rather read an internal memo from the National Toenail Fungus Council than another page on the Allocative Efficiency of Interregional Trade.

Also, forthcoming this weekend will be a super post about the most amazing story I've heard this year, and no, I don't mean 2007, I mean the past YEAR, so at least the best story I've heard since February 1st 2006!

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