Monday, October 21, 2013

New House

So, after about 2 years of looking we finally bought a new house.  On Friday the 11th Jennifer and I closed on a house on 15th street, about 2 minutes walk from our current house.  It's got everything we were looking for, plus about 1000 extra square feet and $70,000 extra dollars, but hey we can't complain.  The whole deal seemed set to fall apart the whole time, so I didn't want to really blab to the world about it, but we've got the keys now, and the deed so it must be for real.

There are a lot of cool original features; doors with glass paneling, crown molding, cast iron heater vents--the works.  As good as it is, we of course want to fix it up and make it our own.  The kitchen will be redone and we'll fix up one of the bedrooms (there are 7 listed) before we move in.  The nice thing is that since we still have our current place, we won't have to sleep and wake up in a construction zone.  Plus, there are enough rooms that we can simply shift our bedroom to one of the spares if we decide to re-do something.

Perhaps the biggest downside thus far is that I feel like a total douche when we've showed the place off to friends.  The house is so big and nice that it seems like pure ostentation rather than something reasonable to own or live in.  That should probably go away once we put in enough sweat equity, but for the moment we're THOSE people.
The awesome light fixture in the entry way.

 Jennifer's at the back, and I'm at the front and it is a loooong way away!
 Toasting our success and bragging to family in the second floor bathroom.
 Jennifer's favorite 'room'.  This one is either the punishment box or the 8th bedroom, depending on how you look at it.
Here we are surveying the back of our property.  Huzzah! The fence is YARDS away from us rather than feet.

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