Tuesday, November 12, 2013

So, more house equals more house repair.

Even though the new place needs MUCH less work per square foot of real estate than the Mole Hole, 3 times the house is 3 times the house, and we want to put our stamp on the whole shebang.

I've been spending evenings in the basement with my cement; mixing up some slurry to spluck onto the walls of the basement to shore up any crumbling mortar.  I was getting my rhythm down pretty good and then I ran out of mix, so I shifted from putting up mortar, to knocking it down.  I spent Friday night knocking a hole in the kitchen wall to open up a window from years past.  While dirty, that part is really rewarding because it satisfies my long-standing need to take things apart.  It's even more satisfying than peeling off the label on a bottle of beer.

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