Friday, November 22, 2013

Hot stuff

In advance of the coming frost I picked about 10 ghost peppers from one of the neighboring plots at our community garden. At first it must seem like am awesome idea, growing a weaponized chili plant. But then you taste the things.    Most sensible people realize upon eating the smallest sliver of one, these are not peppers to be trifled with.

Fortunately, no one has made the mistake of calling me sensible.Tonight I made death sauce.

I wore rubber gloves and long sleeves as a precaution, but I probably should have added a gas mask to the list.  Blending up peppers aerosolizes little tiny spice particles that make for an unexpected dose of capsaicin to the air. After a quick hit with the blender the air became rather spicy. Jennifer was coughing all the way in the living room and I had to flee upstairs to escape the fumes .

Now that it's bottled, the plan is to let it ferment a bit naturally and "mellow" before blending it up once again and straining the chunks.  Anyone stupid with an asbestos palate interested in trading the mix in a few weeks?

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