Wednesday, January 03, 2007

Holidays, they're good.

I have to say that while it's good to be back in Philly, I didn't really miss the home repair or the litter on the street. We spent Newyears Day bailing out our basement. The second snowstorm that blanketed Colorado and the Midwest with snow and ice arrived here as a warm pissing rain that poured about 200 gallons of water into our basement. Fortunately, nothing terrible happened to any of our stuff, this being the third time it's happened, we managed to keep things off the floor pretty well. Nothing quite like the joys of homeownership! I'm enjoying my week off for the most part, though I've still got quite a bit of sanding to do on the floor before we can stain and finish it. I borrowed a belt sander from a friend and have been grinding away the divits left when the previous owners refinished the floor. They must have used a chainsaw or something to pare down the floor by the way it looks. Such is life. The floor will look good once it's finished, but that is still multiple hours of sanding and staining away. I'd best get to it.

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