Thursday, March 01, 2007

I gotta get myself to post more frequently. My family is depending on it!! Well, not really. My brother is off reporting for a some sort of realestate rag in Costa Rica. His mind is definitely not in the realestate, it's more in the Cosa Rica and probably the Costariquenas ( I think that's the spelling for girl Costarican). My parents, on the other hand are trapped in the inhospitable midwest- home to maddening heat, blistering cold and the wickedest ice-storms that you can imagine. The storm that left countless people stranded from Denver to Chicago barely spat at Philly. I'm waiting for something really fierce to knock our socks off, but it seems like things are unlikely to turn that way this year as it's already March.

I'm psyched not to have school next week. Spring break is always sweet, and even though I'll (hopefully) be doing homework all break, I'm looking forward to no class. My super plans for the break include, but are not limited to: Riding my bicycle, finishing the countertops in the kitchen, digging an anti-irrigation ditch in the basement, researching and writing some papers and finishing my super blog post that I started the other week, and due to the length and awesomeness of the story, have not yet completed.

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