Monday, March 26, 2007

It's time to kick the ol' time management skills into high gear. I fear that this will be a long month, as I have seemingly hundreds of things pulling at my attention, and only a few weeks to get them done. To make matters worse, the weather is getting really nice and I just want to go outside and ride my bike. Dammit, it's going to be hard to get my stuff done when my brains are out the window. I have a paper to write in what has been an excruciatingly boring economics class. It's taught by a doctoral student from Columbia (university, not country or district of) who has 2 separate masters degrees from the Sorbonne, a brain the size of a small planet and an extremely limited ability to communicate with mere mortals. Goddam ivy league bullshit. I just hope that Penn hooks me up with some sweet jobs once I graduate, because the education I'm getting is starting to piss me off. I'm soooo glad that I went to someplace like Macalester, where the professors are A: all PhDs and B: are almost without exception, decent teachers. Colleges are places where the profs are educators, not just educated.

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