Tuesday, January 06, 2004

I keep twisting my damn ankle. THe past 4 runs i've been on, i've twisted the damn thing. Today was the worst, i am actually having difficulty walking on it. Today's sprain resulted in some swearwords, notably the F-enheimer and a lot of groaning. It always seems to happen just as i'm about to turn around at the farthest point from my apartment. It was a long damn walk/hobble/run back home.
Strangely, i'm starting to feel like my body doesn't heal up quite so well as it used to. It's probably the first step in getting old. I'm going to be 25 in the near future. Attaining the quarter century mark has been a great ride so far but at this point I'm well past time to have made something of myself. I remember watching professional athletes on TV and always in my youth they were old to me. Now it seems like half of them are 19 or something. Pretty sick. Here i am farting my life away in a foreign land when so many other people are making real contributions to the world. I recon i'm just destined for a my niche: mediocracy.
This is a minor gripe in the great scheme of things, but i'm just feeling a little bit bitchy and lonely today. Jennifer's been gone for like three weeks. I feel a little dependent when i say it, but it's not as fun to be here without her around. I suppose i would never want her to leave if we didn't share a tiny apartment. I think with one more room it would be perfect, but as it is it gets rather cooped up feeling here sometimes. Currently, however, i've adjusted myself quite well to the lack of female influence. I smell bad, eat poorly and play a lot of computer games. Well, one in particular, but i play it a lot.

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