Thursday, January 22, 2004

I've had an interesting week. On monday coming back from the train station, i was propositioned for the first time since i was in boyscouts. A woman came up to me as i was walking and looking deeply into my eyes, she said, "japanese japanese japanese MASSAGEIE" which we all know means sex, right? Anyway, i told her in my best stilted japanese that i was fine and i had to go. I don't know if i just look lonely, randy or rich but it was somewhat exhilirating to be accosted in the dark like that.
The second interesting/disturbing thing for the week was yesterday in my highschool class. I was teaching a bunch of 16 year old girls a bunch of nothing (because they don't learn, i swear to god) and i was making the rounds of the room trying to encourage them to work, rather than screw off. A difficult proposition, ask any higschool teacher, let alone one who can't speak the language. Anyway, as i went back into the bowels of the student body, i went to this group of 3 girls. It had seemed that earlier the two "cool" girls had been picking on the less cool of the three, but i don't know anything here and i figure that they will just have to fend for themselves because i'm not willing or able to deal with much crap. The un-cool girl was in the middle of the other two and was the only one of them who had a text book. I walked over to indicate that maybe they should read the damn directions which were easily accessible to them in japanese and that maybe they should do the work and i noticed a significant amount of doodling in the book. This is pretty normal since the majority of highschoolers double as Manga animators in their spare time, at least that's what i must assume from the copious volumes of stylized pictures they have scrawled everywhere. What i wasn't quite prepared for was the type of doodle. Now i'm used to the usual sex graffiti present whenever boys are around, but i was certainly not quite up for seeing 3 different and equally detailed renditions of the female genetailia "doodled" on the pages of the poor girls textbook. It was kind of a, "Hey what nice drawings there, you've got a bunch of stars and a....OH MY GOD...we'll just put your pencil case over that one, won't we." followed by some female hysterics from the two "cool" chicks.

As i think about it today, i probably should have reported this to the head English teacher, but at the time i was a little unsure about what to do. After listening too Paul, my english co-worker, describe his satisfaction after chewing out a student who told him to "DIE" (the effective equivalent of "fuck off" in Japanese) and hurl a piece of chalk at him, I'm pretty sure that I should start kicking ass, if at all possible. The only problem is, i really don't care. If they don't want to learn, i'm not in the position to motivate them, and i pretty much don't give a crap. They're all going to be boring pregnant wives paying for English lessons from guys like me in 10 years or less, so they can pretty much screw off if they want.

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