Thursday, November 06, 2003

After walking around a lot we drank a lot, ate a little and paid a ton of yen at a fancy pants spanish "tapas" bar in Ginza. Yikes, man Yikes. I have never had back to back 5000 yen nights before. We also saw this exhibit at the tokyo international forum, a cool building, i'll post pictures later. The exhibit featured about 50 rubberized bodies of chinese people. These were real bodies, pumped full of epoxy or something and then cut up in interesting ways and displayed in a funhouse/museum setting. It was interesting, but more creepy than anything. I felt that the japanese people looking the bodies over were more like circus goers than museum onlookers. I felt as though we were in the freak show.

The next day we got up early, shook off our hangovers and attempted to see the super duper fish market in Tsukiji, on a good day the place is 54 acres of fish and thousands of people working them over. The area employs 50,000 people in the fish industry. Unfortunately it was closed.

I was a little pissed, and then it started to rain. Then we ate sushi for breakfast. This was interesting and a surprisingly good cure for a hangover. I reccomend it to anyone suffering ill effects from the night before. The place we went was awesome. There were about 10 guys in the center hacking up fish and putting them into delicate arrangement and one guy in the back chopping the heads off of the live ones that they kept in a tank. It doesn't get any fresher than that my friends. Whenever anybody walked in to the restaurant, the whole place errupted in Irishimasee which is the customary greeting to customers, something like "at your service". I ate toro for the first time, it is the fatty belly of the tuna and is by far the most tasty of the sushis. Damn good, and don't let anyone tell you otherwise.

One thing that you learn in Japan is that cooking is for wimps. I've eaten so many things that i was told had to be cooked, and look at me now, i'm still alive and i've even got the dexterity to type at 5 words per minute.

So, we went home after a day of wandering and pretending to be interested in stuff and then i came back to Nagano Station in the rain to find my bike had a puncture and some asshole had stolen my light, my new one that i had just bought a week ago. Dammit.

But, overall, tokyo was good, though i can't imagine living there.

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