Sunday, November 16, 2003

I've been lazy this week. Not a step run since the race last week. My motivation just drained out of me. Additionally I didn't have that much free time that it wasn't raining. not really an excuse but for me, i really need a goal to train for. There is a marathon in the spring but i'm not sure that i'm really up for it. That's a lot of miles to run and it's one of those things, i'd rather do it well or not at all. I'm not so psyched about slogging my way through 26 miles slowly and painfully. Fast and painful is ok, but not so much the slow and painful.

I just checked the web for the results to the Iowa/Minnesota regional meet. The course has got to be short, let me tell you that. Not that i doubt that those guys are fast, but that is just ridiculous.

The race that i will really miss is the upcoming Turkey Trot or Living History Farms Race. That is a blast. Nothing better than getting muddy with the boys and girls and then eating donuts and drinking hot apple cider.

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