Wednesday, November 19, 2003

Yesterday was a really up and down day. First off, i had to teach highschool, which straight-up sucks. Particularly the girls in the first year class. They suck. I mean, it's one thing not to understand english, but another to be an asshole. They think that they're cute, but saying "Aa-roon" and laughing hysterically when I respond is just plain stupid. I got my butt poked as well, and they were so loud that the teacher next door came in to shush them. Kind of embarassing, really.
But, then it was over, as it always is, and i busted out of there fast, came home and went for a run. Let me tell you folks, this was a good run. I went across the river towards the small mountains over there and as i was jogging up through the orchards i saw what i assumed at first to be a grandma farmer. I know it's not just me, because i've confirmed it with other people, but these women look awfully close to Ewoks when they are rummaging around in the fields. I could have sworn that i was on the planet Endor in a galaxy far, far away.
At any rate, i saw not an Ewok or an obasan, but a monkey! And as i went further on the road past the bamboo thicket, there were more monkeys, probably about 20 of them. It's not every day that you see monkeys hanging out in the forest. I'll bet that they would survive well in the Carolinas. I'm thinking that monkeys could possibly be the coolest invasive species yet. I mean, zebra mussels, purple loostrife, giant asian tree-borers, they suck compared with the awesomeness of monkeys!

As i continued on my run i also saw the coolest thing ever (maybe). There was an apple tree with all red apples, and one yellow one growing on it's branches. Sooooooo cool. So i picked it. I don't know whether or not to eat it, maybe it has super powers or something.

Anyway, i had to teach a class later yesterday so i headed off for work around 6:30 and was bookin it down the main street here and was about 2/3 of the way to work, making good time when some ass who was riding his bike down the sidewalk decided to veer out into the street for some odd reason. I hate it when people do this, and it seems like japanese people do it a lot. They take to the streets going the wrong way against traffic. Anyway, this joker comes cruising right across my path and as i try to avoid him by swerving and braking, he flips out and tries to avoid me, only he does this by cutting me totally off. We crashed.
As far as crashes go, it wasn't that bad, no major owies on me, but my front wheel is a little screwed up and i ground my knuckes off. He apologized profusely and so did I, it just seemed like the custom. And really, what can i do, i can't very well ask this guy for his bicycle insurance.
But, my lesson went fine and maybe i don't have to go to S. Korea afterall. Apparently the laws were changed so that i don't have to leave the country for a stamp. We'll just see.

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