Wednesday, November 12, 2003

I also saw my first public ruckus in japan not caused by me directly.
I was tooling around the Gondo, an area in Nagano city which is reportedly known for its yakuza presence when i saw the cops. This was cool because i've seen police about 5 times since arriving in japan. They were talking to some tipsy looking guys when i went into this supermarket to get something to snack on. When i came back out they were gone but this drunken guy (god i hope he was drunk) in a business suit was swinging his briefcase around and yelling some stuff at the building, some people and i think maybe the pidgeons as well. Crazy bastard. I wish i knew enough japanese to get the gist of what he was saying. Probably something like, "You hairy barbarians, i find that your parents are dishonorable and you are also not as intelligent as most other people!" From what i understand the japanese don't have much for good swears. "Fu-ku" had to be imported from english.

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