Friday, November 14, 2003

Well, this has been a long damn week. For 3 of the days i was out at work for 11 hours. GODDAM! And now it's friday and i'm psyched because i don't have to work tomorrow so i bought myself some shochu made from sweet potatoes. I expected an interesting flavor with maybe some earthy and sweet hints of potatoey goodness but what i got was fuckin moonshine. I suppose you get what you pay for and i didn't pay a lot. Damn, now i'll have to either want to really get drunk to drink this crap or figure out some way to deal with it otherwise. Maybe it will flambee good. If nothing else it will probably kill most germs and be a reasonable household cleanser.

There is snow in the mountains here folks, winter is not far off. Time for HOT SAKE!! Or maybe hot cocoa would be better since sake tends to make me drunk. Hopefully i can get myself some ski boots to fit and learn me some telemarking this winter.

Also, i just figured out that the NFLC (nagano foreign language center) will be closed for a week around newyears and i might just swing a trip to thailand. If anyone has tips on what to see there please let me know.

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