Monday, February 02, 2004

I realize that i've been kind of lax in responding to some personal emails, one in particular from Ben in which he required the definition of sugoi.
The word sugoi means something like "great, awesome or cool" and it is sometimes used in the way that we use "really" as in -really big- or something like that. Basically you can say it whenever anything interesting happens, or actually almost anytime. For example if you taste something good you should pucker up your face and then express in amazement, "SUUUUUUGOOOOOI Oeishiiiii!" If one of your snowboarding friends smashes into the back of a skiier and pops up unhurt, you should say, "SUUUUUUGOOOOOIIII!!!" and cackle like a hen. If you are a 2nd grader and you see a big pile of snow outside the window you should stop paying attention to the english teacher and run to the window to yell to all of your classmates, "SUGOI Yukii."

Overall, it's a word you shouldn't miss out on.

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