Monday, February 23, 2004

Well, i now have my first homeowner friends from college. Ben and Marye are now the proud owners of a house in the Longfellow neighborhood of Minneapolis. What's more, near as I can figure they bought Jesse Ventura's boyhood home. The whole email is below.

first comes love. then comes marriage. then comes...
a house. shit, you thought i was going to say baby in
a baby carriage. marye and i had our offer accepted on
saturday. the new address is 3200 46th avenue south,
minneapolis. the neighborhood is longfellow. the house
is three blocks from the river and two blocks from
lake street. the closing date is march 25 but we can't
move in until april 28. the craftsman bungalow style
one and a half story single family home was erected in
1922. it was the childhood home of james janos. who
knows who james janos is. he was a wrestler. he was
governor. that's right, he is jesse ventura. anyway,
his dad was handy with the steel, and we have kitchen
cupboards to prove it. anyway, the house is sweet.

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