Wednesday, February 04, 2004

there's a strange funky smell that develops in japanese higschools. SInce there is no real heating in the halls or anything, the rooms are powered up with these gigantic kerosene incinerators. Once you get them going it's kind of like a forge blasting away 3 or 4 feet from the nearest roasting girl. These things are alright, but the smell can get a little overpowering, particularly when the heater first kicks in. I also think that as a function of the girls (I teach at an all girls school) having to wear the same uniform day after day, the classroom smell gets a little weird by wednesday and just keeps funking it up after that. It's kind of what I imagine a brothel would smell like, at least a japanese brothel.

I honestly don't remember smelling that weird when i was in higschool. Would someone who's been inside an american higschool recently let me know what it smells like.

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