Thursday, April 15, 2004

Cycling season is here and i'm about 70% done with my first project of the season: hair removal. Cyclists are known for their strong and hair free legs and as I want to pretend that I am a legitimate cyclist here even though there's little opportunity for me to do any competetion in the whole goddam country of Japan. I decided this year that I would dispense with the frequency and inconvenience of shaving, also the waste of razor blades was in the forefront of my mind, and therefore would pluck my hairy legs. What a great Idea!! i was inspired by the seductive advertising of a certain dipiliatory product here, the National brand plucking utensil which has since been pulled from the shelves.
I bought one of these bad boys in the peach color version and proceeded to molest my legs for what seems to have been an eternity, but in reality, has been more like 3 hours. The advertisement indicated pain free usage and total convenience with the 3 possible attachments to provide plucking power in the hariest of situations. I'm here to tell you that there is no way to pull hair out by its roots that is not painful.
Over the course of the past week and a half I have whittled the hair on my legs down to a small scattering of hairs in my knee-pit, my upper thighs and ankles and the bikini area. Progress continues and I'm unfortunately unable to wear shorts in public due to the skin irritation and spotty hair patches on my leg. But, I will perservere. It has become my masochistic mission to epilate at all costs.

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