Sunday, April 15, 2007

My sump pump is nearly keeping pace with the water oozing in through the various cracks and crevices of our house. We realized that basement leakage would be a problem when on New Year's Day Jennifer and I bailed about 400 gallons out of the subterranean portion of our house. The next day I decided to buy and install a sump pump. Unfortunately, due to the clay-like subsoil, water seems to pool around the foundation and seeps its way in through the wall, rather than through the subsoil into my little sump-pit. The sump vomits forth a full 40 gallons every five minutes or so, and I just pray that it doesn't decide to freak out, or we'll probably be really screwed tomorrow. OUr basement is a little water course, and in a different setting, like a cave, it would be really pretty cool. No such luck here. Just a pond.

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