Wednesday, April 04, 2007

So, school sucks. Not that it's a revelation to anyone who is currently studying anything, but it's just particularly sucky when you are easily distracted and it's been super nice outside. I have spent a preposterous amount of time looking at bike crap recently. Its something that I totally love, and more importantly, it's not Growth Management, Land Use Law, Planning Workshop, Regional Economics or Analytical Planning Methods.

Five classes is about three classes too many if you want to do the best possible job in each. As with the rest of life, it's an exercise in triage. Things that should have been number one priority, in a perfect world, suddenly get bumped down the list when due dates roll in. At least I've got my summer employment figured out. I'll be working for the Delaware Valley Regional Planning Commission (DVRPC), yet another high minded, good intentioned, toothless planning organization. I will be working on putting together Environmental Impact Assessments for some cities in southern New Jersey. It will undoubtedly be a good experience and it will hopefully allow me enough time to ride my bike a lot. It will also pay me somewhat better than the bikeshop did, which I may be able to parlay into a new bike frame.

I had originally hoped to be wildly successful in the early season bike races, but I am not sure how often I'll really be able to get out and race. I did one last Sunday, a flat 50 miler in New Jersey, and fared modestly well. I really don't know how to handle flat races, the smart slackers can just hang out in the pack, and skinny guys like me don't really have much luck. I guess I've just got to choose my battles a little better.

For now though, back to homework, I've got about 1 million things to do in the next three and a half weeks, let's see how I fare.

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