Wednesday, April 18, 2007

This past weekend, Trophy Bikes (my home away from home here in Philly) hosted what was dubbed, "Lighten Up--An examination of the Lightweight Bicycle" which was basically a plug for some of the nice, custom bikes that we sell there. Matt Bracken, president of Independent Fabrications was there with his super-fly bicycles and just as cool, Harry Havnoonian of HH Racing was on hand with his first bicycle ever. It was a wonderful evening for bike nerds of all stripes. I happened to have my camera on hand and took some pictures. The first photo is of the Havnoonian chainring. The holes are in fact "speed holes" and were impeccably drilled to save weight. The second shot is of the seat cluster of the I.F. The bike is made of titanium, with the center sections of all of the main tubes in carbon fibre. The cool thing about this particular frame is its aesthetics; the titanium bits were coated in the gold nitride coating normally reserved for drill bits and the paint on the carbon bits changed color with the angle of the light. Wicked.

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