Sunday, April 29, 2007

I was just looking through the old archives of my blog, and whammo, nostalgia-ville. It is cool to have a readily accessible, searchable diary at my finger tips. It's even better when I don't want to be doing school stuff!!

Along those lines, last week was undoubtedly my hardest week of school EVER. Who ever told me that grad school was easier than college was full of shit. Thanks to some of the factors mentioned in my previous post, I spent about 80 hours in the computer lab last week. When you log that many hours in one place a number of things happen. First, you lose track of time. Things that seem like they should take a few minutes end up being hours and hours of work. Ludicrous. Second, you make friends with all of the other people who are in the same boat. Bitching is the common lingua franca. You complain about anything and everything, but primarily the amount of work that you have to do and the shitheads who finked out on you and are making you do all of their work. By the end of the week I wasn't even really interested in bitching about people, I had exhausted that avenue of vengeful pleasure. Third, you learn to enjoy late late late night commutes. It is absolutely blissful to ride one's bicycle through an otherwise crowded and obnoxious city free of interference by motorists or pedestrians. I didn't touch the brakes all of the way home. Bliss after a fashion. Finally, you eat whatever you can get. When you're up for seemingly days on end, you digest food as if you were a marathoner. It just fuels the fire, brain fire that is.

This week is my last of tests, and then, merciful heavens, I'm done. Jennifer has promised me that when I get done with school I get to do lots of fun repairs on the house. Yippee! Though honestly, I don't think I'll mind them as much as I did school these past few weeks. Maybe my carpal-tunnel will heal itself to a degree by the time I go to work this summer.

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