Thursday, October 16, 2003

Ahh, the inagural post on my new blog site. I suppose that i should explain the meaning of the temporary title, Kentu-don. They have Kentucky Fried Chicken here. Cool, right, if nothing else i can fatten myself up on fried chicken. Well here, apparently the cool kids don't say KFC like we do back home, they call it Kentu, because its the japanese word for Kentucky Fried Chicken. There are also these things called Don-buri which are kind of huge take out bowls of rice topped with fried shit and then they have an egg cracked over them resulting in something kind of like fried rice, but bigger. So the amazing folks who innovate all of the innovations up at KFC decided to whip up some KFC don-buris, hence the fabulous Kentu-don. Another cool thing about KFC here is that every store has this fiberglass replica of the real Colonel Sanders with real fake spectacles! Apparently they wheel him in every night so the kids don't steal his glasses.

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