Thursday, October 16, 2003

Shit, my first post eaten already.

Anyway, it was about the japanese chopstick tree.
The japanese go through a phenomenal amount of cheap shitty chopsticks called ohashi, which is the specific word for the throwaway kind. THe real chopsticks have a different name which I can't remember, mostly because i don't know Japanese yet. Anyway, they deforest the equivalent of maybe Yellowstone each year for these shitty chopsticks. But, apparently this is perfectly ok, as a sushi chef master told some friends of mine here, because the tree from which the chopsticks are made is useful for nothing else. This tree can only possibly be used for making chopsticks, so don't be shy, eat all you want and don't worry about environmental reprocussions, it is the tree's sole puropose to make chopsticks for us to use and then discard.

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