Sunday, October 26, 2003

Jennifer just got me to wondering if there are any fake travel blogs out there. I mean, it would be potentially very easy to fake it. I could be writing this from somewhere else, maybe Iowa or maybe Minnesota or wherever. I'm not, but how do i know other people aren't. Hmm, actually I don't care because i don't really read any of them except alf's blog (and often my own when i'm feeling self congratulatory). If you are a person with a fake blog who happens to be reading my blog which is not fake, please understand that I am cooler than you are.
The japanese word that i was first told means cool, kawaii actually is more like cute. It also functions kind of like cool, but more in the sense that Hello Kitty, who has no mouth, is cool. I suppose she really is, afterall, there has to be something rebellious and cool about you if there is a vibrator shaped in your image.

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