Sunday, October 26, 2003

So, last night I had my first really good Japanese beer. Not only was this stuff good by Japanese standards, it was good by the standards of the world of beer. From what I can make out on the can it actually won some awards in a European contest of some kind. The beer is called Yona Yona and is made in Nagano prefecture somewhere. Here's the website which is in Japanese, and is surprisingly humorous when you put the site through the babel-fish translator.
Probably the best standard beer is Sapporo or the sub company of Sapporo, Yebisu. The other pretty good beer that I had was the Yebisu Black, it was kind of a porter and it would be perfect with only a little light on the hops. A great website on beer is this one that I found while trying to find out more about YonaYona. Ahh, beer, is there anything it can't do?
Anyway, this beer totally made my day. I had been working on saturday because the other fulltime teacher had a soccer tournament. The same tournament, in fact, that Jennifer was at, playing soccer of all things. Apparently her team sucked. Rightly so, they practiced only one time, but she scored 2 of their 3 total goals for the tournament. Finding the first truly delicious Japanese beer made me feel a little better about the day.

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