Wednesday, October 22, 2003

Today was, how shall i say, shitty. First, there was the major problem of me having to do my job. Today that entailed the instruction of 16 year old high-school girls at the private girl's school that my employer contracts out with. Too bad I HATE IT! Mostly the problem is that the students, despite studying the English language for the past 3 years at least, are still at an appallingly rudimentary level. Really people, how hard is it to grasp the concept "I like ___." Really, i am speaking about one class in particular, it is Joshko Girls School Homeroom 1-A. That's right you little toads, you know who you are.
It would be different if they at least tried to learn, but jesus, the litte blighters put their heads down on their desks and pretend I don't exist, a real blow to my ego for one, and straight up disrespectful for two. THen they proceeded to not understand the concept of counting off by 4s. I pointed at each girl and said 1, 2, 3, 4, not a difficult concept to grasp i think, and they sat there like zombies. At least the rotten 8 year-olds i teach would have at least started punching eachother or something.
Anyway, enough about them and more about the rest of my shitty day. Well, really, just the morning was shitty. I started out towards school on my bicycle, bundled up in the rainproof clothes necessary for the rain. Then, as I was heading up the street, I was swerving around another bicyclist when I misjudged the distance to a sign and clobbering my handlebar directly on the plastic of the sign which through me almost immediately to the ground. It sucked. My shoulder is pretty sore from where i must have hit the sign and my ass from where I definately hit the pavement. The stupid thing is that I wasn't even bleeding in any meaningful (read: getting out of work) manner. Stupid internal injuries. Whatever, I'm done with the day, the rest of it wasn't so bad.
Just a note: part of the rest of the day which wasn't so bad was hanging out with my boss Mr. Tomo Adachi, or Adachi-san Tomo if you're a Jap. He is a really great guy, and also one of the first Japanese people I've met with a discernable and really good sense of humor. He has been around the world and even worked as a teppanyaki chef in The Hague. Teppanyaki is the knife flipping style of cooking popular in America. Anyway, more on him later, but everyone would do as well to have a boss like Tomo.

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