Monday, October 27, 2003

Sunday was pretty spanking good weather and today just as great. I'm not sure what the rest of the year is like here, but fall is pretty nice weather-wise. I only wish that i were a professional vacationer or something like that so I could be outside enjoying it all the time. Saturday was clear and i saw snowcapped mountains for the first time. The change was striking, last week everything was green flecked with red and brown, but now the higher peaks have a snowy sheen. Ridiculous shit i tell you, ridiculous.
On this beautiful sunday i went out to the birthday party of this "life-er" in the gaijin scene here Eric. He's a world travelling kiwi with a penchant for motorcycles. Overall he's a really interesting guy. He's been here long enough to really understand the scene here in japan. He's one of the seemingly many westerners to marry a japanese woman. Of the 7 other guys at this party 4 of them had japanese wives. It was nice to meet people outside of the little Jet bubble. I really like jennfer's cohorts, but it's sometimes a bit too much like heading off to college again. Eric is a bit of a handyman and he's got a stable of 6 or so motorcycles and one giant sized roto-tiller. The man also makes some of the best homebrew i've ever had. Alf, this stuff really kicked (most) of our beers asses. Apparently he buys dry malt directly from Asahi (japan's budweiser) in 20 kilo bags, and since there's a flat rate for shipping of 2000 yen, he buys it 6 bags at a time or something. Oh yeah, he also grows his own hops. There is something awesome about the smell of hops. Maybe it reminds me of beer.
Our jet friend Shane and i are probably going to start some beer sometime soon, once we round up the necessary equipment.

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