Saturday, March 20, 2004

All you all should probably brace yourself for some pessimistic posts in the near future.

For the record, i don't want to go home, at least not all the time. I'm just getting tired of the bullshit associated with not knowing what the hell is being said all around me. I've gotten pretty tolerant, but realistically it's no picnic.

Today was another shitty day, though better than yesterday, mostly because I didn't have to work today. Work is crap. It ought to be abolished. I suppose that if it were fun they wouldn't call it work though.
Anyway, today i went skiing in Hakuba, a luxury since I am currently the proud operator of a borrowed car. I kept forgetting little things. For example, where was my money? How much gas is left? Can I make it up this hill with so little fuel? I also kept making huge tactical errors. For example, I went to the less populated side of the Goryu-Toomi resort so that it was much more difficult to score the cheap used passes like I did for newyears. I also decided to break my 10000 yen note by buying a curry, I needed to have 1500 yen on hand so that I could buy one of these tickets off of someone as they returned to the deposit refund machine. Unfortunately, i picked a dish that returned me 90150 yen from my bill, leaving me bereft of the go-hyaku en piece. Stupid choice. So i needed to get more change so i walked past the change machine, the one that costs nothing to change your bill into coins, and purchased a beer that I didn't want. Stupid me. Then i went out to see if i could scalp a ticket. No, no apparently I can't, i just look like an ass as people refuse me for reasons i can't understand. Stupid white skin.

Now for the good part. The new skis that I got are totally awesome. In combination with the new bindings, they're just about a million times better than the old stuff. I can actually cut some turns. I can actually look like a telemark skiier. When next winter rolls around and the powder snow piles up, i'm going to be ready, oh you'd better believe I'm going to be ready. It will be such a great thing to start as an intermediate skiier rather than an absolute beginner.

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