Wednesday, March 24, 2004

"I was born a long time ago as barley, a child of the sun. Chosen to become malt, I was smoked in peat and milled in distilleries nestled in the mountains. Joining with crystal clear water, I was given a new breath of life with Yeast and distilled slowly in an old pot still. Then I trickled down, cold and transparent as ice, yet with a flavor as strong as fire. I was then put in an oak barrel which became my cradle. Soothed by the gentle lullaby of Japan's changing seasons, I slept many years, mellowing and maturing into a rich amber color. Now my time has finally come, and I have been reborn in my very own bottle of 8 year old malt whisky."

This is a direct quote from the bottle I'm now drinking. When a product speaks to you as eloquently as this one, you just have to buy it. The whiskey is actually pretty good. Definitely with a "flavor as strong as fire."

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