Tuesday, March 30, 2004

I talked to a Republican last night. We were at a bar and we were drinking and eating gross japanese bar food (somehow even greasier than American bar food) and we got to talking about stuff. It was interesting, not only because he professed to have bested my boss in a contest to sleep with the most international "varieties" of women, but because he claimed that his father donates $20 every month to put Reagan's face up on Rushmore. I was totally agog that one of the guys that I believe was one of the worst presidents of the past century (at least in the bottom 50%) would be nominated to be placed on Mt. Rushmore. Believe it or not, it really exists folks, there is an organization to put Ronnie's face on the rock. While I was a little bit young to remember much of the Reagan years (aside from playing in the backyard and running around with Mom's leotard on).

Anyway, while the Reagan discussion was a little bit nutty the most interesting thing to come out of it was the idea that Clinton inherited the economic legacy of Reagan and that we really have Reagan to thank for the boom of the 90's rather than Clinton. While I personally believe that Clinton's presidency was merely coincidentally the same time as the Dot com boom, I'd never heard anyone give credit to Reagan before. Does anyone have opinions on this? Right now I think that Reagan was a terrible president and I don't believe that the massive tax cuts under Bush and Reagan do any good whatsoever but I just want to cover my bases.

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