Tuesday, March 30, 2004

Getting drunk with your boss really relieves some tension and can be a good way to get the lowdown on gossip that you wouldn't otherwise get in the office. I never would have heard, "Oh Tsuchiya, he's just a piece of shit and Tsukada, he's even worse because he hates the other guy for it." Tsuchiya is the president of the parent company for my school. Tsukada is the guy we cal Bucho which means boss or supervisor. He's the ass who gives everyone directions, except for me because I don't speak no Japanese.
I also heard, "I hate that fucking place. I'll get out of there as soon as possible."
To which i responded, "Well, Tomo, thanks for getting me to sign on for another year, you ass."

Tomo also asked me to clue him in whenever I find weed here. He was reminiscing about his time in Holland as a Teppanyaki chef, a job that he had to leave because he got the head cook's wife pregnant.

Overall a great night.

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