Monday, March 29, 2004

Doug, don't let any future employers read this! Your job may be forefit, at least as an english teacher. As script writer, you're top notch!

I have two dreams to share with you:
1. I have part of a star trek team. We beam down to a
planet's surface and found a deserted civilization and
society hollowed out of its biological
components--meaning many of the mechanosphere
components of the society such as the infrastructure
and robots still functioned. The problem is some
sinister monster which ate everyone. It was quite
gruesome, but the feeling was not really explainable
as much of the feeling came from the suspense.
Luckily, we had a counter-snake with deadly beak, but
I had to break protocol to deemploy it. It was some
sort of interglacial bio-contagion itself. In the end
chomped, our beast the offending monster. But not
without what felt like hours of the two beasts
circling each other.

2. I was in Japan with you and we had wild wet wacky
sex. Actually, we were in a car power by petro and
electricity. There were all this snow banks and we
couldn't get through them without taking a running go
at them. So we're forced to bust through not knowing
what the traffic was like on the other side. We always
came out spinning and twirling, righting ourselves to
dodge yet another near collision, just to lose control
again. There were many snow banks. Then suddenly, you
were gone and the half the car sloughed or slid off,
and I was left with two wheeled vehicle, which on
completion hade morphed into a hybrid electric-pedal
power bike. It was fast and I was in a race. But the
bike had one drawback, it was heavy because the
electric parts. It was still snowy and I was doing
some heavy downhill mountain biking. I could have used
a nimbler cycle. It was intense, so many close calls
and on many occasions, I was forced to get way out
there, leaning way over the bike, to right it or
over-correct. Then without transition, like a radical
conjoining, I was cycling through a super-market in
Japan; all the staff was yelling 'they're already
here' in Japanese. I knew I had to grab chopped
vegetables and dip them while cycling en route to the
finish line--where I arrived first.

Take Care,

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